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Arby's Maintenance

Arby’s launched a new website on May 2013. As an Interactive Producer at CP+B, I was the responsible of Arby’s site maintenance.

The Programs that I used on the site maintenance are: Expression Engine, CDS, Jira, Photoshop and JobJackets.

Below is a breakdown of the sections on the website that I had to manage:

Main Pillar Promo and Accompanying Pillar Promo

There are two flash banners on the HomePage. These banners are updated upon campaign.
In order to get the perfect Banner I had to clean files in Studio, allocate time to the corresponding developer, upload the approved .swf file into the CDS and send it to our QA and Analytic teams.

Every month there were new products to be added and others to be deleted from the menu. When adding a new product, we had to produce the image of the product, the copy, the nutrition info, you might also like products and the nutritional info PDFs.



When there is a new product, or a specific campaign, we usually produced a static banner that would be implemented in the Carousel section of the HomePage.  


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.38.44 PM.png

Wall of Fame

There is a weekly automatically update of this section. We have to ask Legal to look for people interested in seeing themselves in the site.

What's New
Arby’s publishes information about their products or campaigns in this section. It is kind of an article page. I learned coding when I was producing this page.


Press Center
Arby’s provides News Letters, Media Kits, and News about the corporation.


Email Blast and Landing Page
Every month, we produced an Email Blast and a Landing Page. Once we are done with the file preparation, we sent the Email Blast to FishBull. The Landing Page is developed internally. Through the "Landing Page" or through the "Get Deals Section" on the site, you can get a coupon for your nearest Arby’s restaurant.
Bellow an example.

iPad-Mini copy.jpg

Smokehouse Brisket Campaign

In some of the campaigns, we also produced Standard Banners. Below is the example of the Smokehouse Brisket Campaign. We produced 4 flights of 3 Standard sizes each.